Theaudry and Miracle Hall Keep Love and Family First

As we continue our “Love After” Series going, we’re taking another step back four years ago to our conversation with Miracle Hall. We’re happy to share that since the time of this interview, she and her husband have continued to keep love and family first. They’ve enjoyed a high school graduation, football practices/games, new home and Miracle can also be seen on episodes of Love and Hip Hop New York, among many other places out and about. The Halls are a happy couple with a beautiful and active family. Read Miracle’s story below in her own words from our previous feature four years ago.

“I got involved with “Mr. Wrong” when I was 21 years of age. I was warned by my mother when she FIRST met him that he was trouble. I didn’t know where she got this idea from and disregarded her plea for me not to date him. I should have listened to her because NOT LISTENING was one of the worst decisions I ever made. That relationship almost took me to my grave. He kidnapped me and held me hostage, beat me, attempted to murder me with an AK-47 Rifle, and so much more. I have jumped out of moving cars in an attempt to get away from him and his abusive ways. I once escaped out of my room after hours of being held hostage. I ran out of those apartment bare feet into a busy intersection that was not far from where I lived. I remember running, thinking I’d rather get hit by one of these cars (in which I almost did), rather than to let him catch me. This IS NOT the way you should live. God wants you to be happy and live the abundant life! So I chose the abundant life without abuse, and will forever encourage others to choose the same.”

Miracle, now age 32, is a mother, wife and Executive Director of Miracle’s House of Restoration, an organization founded in 2011 for women of domestic abuse. She met her husband, Theaudry, through a mutual friend and they have been married for 7 years.

When asked when she knew she was ready to explore a romantic relationship, she stated that she had never lost the will to love and explore one. “However, I did want to get to know myself more, and than wait on the relationship God designed for me to have.”

“I love that my husband is the total opposite of my ex-abuser. He is not abusive in any way, shape or form.” She shared how he never raises his voice, even when they disagree, even stating that she can’t even say that they argue as she jokingly says, “He just lets me fuss with myself.” Another great point she stated is that he is supportive of everything she does, and that he is a loving and dedicated father.

The last question involved any advice she has for anyone who has been or currently going through abuse. Her response:

“I would advise others who have been through or currently going through abuse to NEVER lose hope. I wouldn’t advise rushing into a relationship after an abusive one, but I wouldn’t rule it out either. Find yourself first, love you, and then you can love the person you desire to be with. Love starts at home (this can be within you) and then spreads abroad (to others). Love is not abuse!”